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I’m something of skeptic when it comes to Nick Hornby (to put it politely) but the “Ministry of Stories” is, despite its Orwellian moniker, clearly a well intentioned venture, and the design of its Hoxton Street Monster Supplies storefront by We Made This is pretty stellar.

There is more on the Ministry of Stories, which is based on David Eggers 826 project, at The Guardian.


Largehearted Boy is doing everyone a favour by aggregating every online “Best of 2010” book list he can find.

AND Design Observer’s contributing writers recommend books for the holidays. While The Bygone Bureau asks some stellar bloggers for their Best BLOGS of 2010.

The Daily Cross Hatch has a four-part interview with Love & Rockets cartoonist Jaime Hernandez:

There are teachers and there are doers—I’m a doer. I don’t know how this stuff happens, it just spills out of me, it’s that kind of thing.

After a while, I’ll think about it and say, “oh, that’s how I do it.” But I couldn’t stand in front of a class and tell them how to do it.

[part one] [part two] [part three] and [part four]

And finally…

A fantastic animated Batman short by Spanish illustrator Javier Olivares:

(via The Ephemerist)

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