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Pushkin Vertigo Crime Series Designed by Jamie Keenan


Vertigo Keenan

At the Creative Review blog, Jamie Keenan talks about his cover designs for Pushkin Press‘s new crime fiction imprint Pushkin Vertigo:

“From the beginning I wanted to come up with something that looked alien, as though someone had brought it back from a holiday in a country you’d never heard of”

They make for a stunning set.

Jamie also created that rather nice “PV” logo for the imprint. Nicely done Mr. Keenan.

I Was Jack Mortimer Keenan

Master of the Day of Judgment Keenan

She Who Was No More Keenan

The Disappearance of Signora Giulia Keenan

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders Keenan

Vertigo, The Tokyo Zodiac Murders, The Disappearance of Signora Giulia and Master of the Day of Judgment will be published by Pushkin Vertigo on next month; two more titles, I Was Jack Mortimer and She Who Was No More, will be published in November.

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