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Elena Ferrante Covers Designed by Angelo Bottino


The covers of the Anglo-American editions of Elena Ferrante’s novels published by Europa Editions have been… well, controversial to say the least (read an interview with the art director about their “kitsch” quality here). The Australian editions of Ferrante’s Neapolitan quartet, published by Text Publishing, have much more stylish, cinematic covers designed by W. H. Chong (you can read about his process here). But these illustrated covers designed by Angelo Bottino for Brazilian publisher Intrínseca for Um Amor Incômodo (Troubling Love) and A Filha Perdida (The Lost Daughter) are really rather lovely. I would love to see a complete set of Ferrante’s novels with covers designed by Bottino.  

UPDATE: The cover illustrations for the Intrínseca editions of The Lost Daughter and Troubling Love are by Andy Bridge and Marian Trotter respectively. Thanks to Angelo Bottino for letting me know! 



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  1. Credit is due: based heavily on illustrations by Andy Bridge (The Lost Daughter) and Marian Trotter (Troubling Love). Thank you very much for the kind words, though. :)

  2. Thank you, Angelo! I really appreciate you letting me know about the illustrators. I will update the post. The covers are terrific.

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