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Book Covers of Note September 2016


It’s September. It’s busy.

All We Shall Know by Donal Ryan; design by James Paul Jones (Transworld / September 2016)

Art of Memoir by Mary Karr; design by Robin Bilardello (Harper Perennial / September 2016)

Before design by Anna Zylicz
Before by Carmen Boullosa; design by Anna Zylicz (Deep Vellum / August 2016)

The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning and the Universe Itself by Sean Carroll; design by Jamie Keenan (Oneworld / September 2016)

Cannibal by Safiya Sinclair; design by Nathan Putens; artwork by Wangechi Mutu (University of Nebraska Press / September 2016)

Cannibals in Love design Na Kim
Cannibals in Love by Mike Roberts; design by Na Kim (FSG Original / September 2016)

Carousel Court by Joe McGinniss Jr.; design by Ben Wiseman (Simon & Schuster / August 2016)

Drinks: A Users Guide by Adam McDowell; design by Danielle Deschenes (TarcherPerigee / September 2016)

Dr Knox design Oliver Munday
Dr. Knox by Peter Spiegelman; design by Oliver Munday (Knopf / July 2016)

Gold from the Stone by Lemn Sissay; design by Pete Adlington (Canongate / August 2016)

The Good Immigrant design James Paul Jones
The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla; design by James Paul Jones (Unbound / September 2016)

Little Nothing by Marisa Silver; design by Rachel Willey (Blue Rider Press / September 2016)

looking for the stranger design Isaac Tobin
Looking for the Stranger by Alice Kaplan; design by Isaac Tobin (University of Chicago Press / September 2016)

The Nix by Nathan Hill; design by Oliver Munday (Knopf / August 2016)

Notes from the Shadowed City by Jeffery Alan Love; cover art by Jeffrey Alan Love (Flesk / September 2016)

Phantom Limbs design Matt Roeser
Phantom Limbs by Paula Garner; design by Matt Roeser (Candlewick / September 2016)

Raindrop covers could be a new thing…

Pour Me Life by A. A. Gill; design by Jason Booher (Blue Rider Press / September 2016)

Reputations by Juan Gabriel Vásquez; design by Alex Merto (Riverhead / September 2016)

Sex and Death design Luke Bird
Sex and Death edited by Sarah Hall and Peter Hobbs; design by Luke Bird (Faber & Faber / September 2016)

The Strange Case of Rachel K design by Paul Sahre (New Directions / September 2016)

This paperback cover is a nice contrast to last year’s hardcover, also designed by Mr. Sahre:

Stranger Father Beloved by Taylor Larsen; design by Anna Dorfman (Gallery Books / July 2016)

Substitute by Nicholson Baker; design by Spencer Kimble (Blue Rider Press / September 2016)

33 Artists in 3 Acts by Sarah Thornton; design by David Drummond (W.W. Norton / September 2016)

Timekeepers by Simon Garfield; design by Pete Adlington (Canongate / September 2016)

Concentric circles… still a thing (see here for more examples).

Time Travel by James Gleick; design by Peter Mendelsund (Pantheon / September 2016)

War and Turpentine by Stefan Hertmans; design by Oliver Munday (Pantheon /August 2016)

Welcome to the Universe by Neil Degrasse Tyson, Michael A. Strauss, J. Richard Gott; design by Chris Ferrante (Princeton University Press / September 2016)

Loving these minimal black and white covers for books about the universe…

Wolf Boys by Dan Slater; design by Grace Han (Simon & Schuster / September 2016)

Wonder US design Kimberly Glyder
The Wonder by Emma Donoghue design by Kimberly Glyder (Little, Brown & Co. / September 2016)

Wonder UK
The Wonder by Emma Donoghue design by Jo Thompson (Picador / September 2016)

The UK and US covers actually make a lovely pair…

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