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Book Covers of Note September 2015

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Something of a bumper post this month — a real mix of approaches, and a number YA titles to boot. Enjoy!

Complete Stories design by Paul Sahre
The Complete Stories by Clarice Lispector; design by Paul Sahre (New Directions / August 2015)

Consumed design David A Gee
Consumed by David Cronenberg; design by David A. Gee (Penguin Canada / September 2015)

Cooking as Fast as I Can design Janet Hansen
Cooking as Fast as I Can by Cat Cora; design by Janet Hansen (Scribner / September 2015)

Criminal Alphabet design by Edward Bettison
The Criminal Alphabet by Noel ‘Razor’ Smith; design by Edward Bettison (Penguin / August 2015)

Cut Both Ways design Erin Fitzsimmons
Cut Both Ways by Carrie Mesrobian; design by Erin Fitzsimmons (HarperCollins / September 2015)

Dumplin design by Aurora Parlagreco illus Daniel Stolle
Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy; design by Aurora Parlagreco; illustration by Daniel Stolle (Balzer + Bray / September 2015)

Everything Everything design N C Sousa
Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon; design by N. C. Sousa (Delacorte / September 2015)

Fake Fruit Front
Fake Fruit Factory by Patrick Wensink; design by Alban Fischer (Curbside Splendor / September 2015)

Fear of Dying design Olga Grlic
Fear of Dying by Erica Jong; design by Olga Grlic (St. Martin’s Press / September 2015)

Generation design by Harriet Sleigh
Generation by Paula McGrath; design by Harriet Sleigh (JM Originals / July 2015)

Love Love design Jennifer Heuer
Love Love by Sung J. Woo; design by Jennifer Heuer (Soft Skull / September 2015)

Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt; design by Dan Stiles (AnansiGranta / September 2015)

A Manual for Cleaning Women design Justine Anweiler
Manual for Cleaning Women full
A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin; design by Justine Anweiler; photography Jonathan Simpson (Picador UK / Septembr 2015)

(You can read about the design process for this cover here)

cover-50 (1)
The Man Who Remembered the Moon by David Hull; design by David Drummond (Dumgrad Books / September 2015)

New Time and Space design Palgrave
The New Time and Space by John Potts; design by Palgrave Macmillan (Palgrave Macmillan / September 2015)

Night Owls design Leo Nickolls
Night Owls by Jenn Bennett; design by Leo Nickolls (Simon & Schuster / September 2015)

rooms design Jeffrey Alan Love
Rooms by Lauren Oliver; cover art by Jeffrey Alan Love (Ecco / September 2015)

Same City design by Simon Pates
The Same City by Luisgé Martín; design by Simon Pates (Hispabooks / September 2015)

Seven Brief Lessons design Coralie Bickford Smith
Seven Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli; design by Coralie Bickford-Smith (Allen Lane / September 2015)

Symphony design by Matt Roeser
Symphony for the City of the Dead by M. T. Anderson; design by Matt Roeser; illustration by Kikuo Johnson (Candlewick / September 2015)

Syriza design by Jamie Keenan
Syriza: Inside the Labyrinth by Kevin Ovenden; design by Jamie Keenan (Pluto Press / September 2015)

Unbuttoning America design by Kimberly Glyder
Unbuttoning America by Ardis Cameron; design by Kimberly Glyder; illustration by Al Moore (Cornell University Press / May 2015)1

Vengeance Road illustration Teagan White
Vengeance Road by Erin Bowman; illustration by Teagan White (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt / September 2015)

Wallflower design David Drummond
Wall Flower by Rita Kuczynski; design by David Drummond (University of Toronto Press / August 2015)

Written in the Blood design by Alex Merto
Written in the Blood by Stephen Lloyd Jones; design by Alex Merto (Mulholland Books / May 2015)

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