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Books: A Documentary


Last year (as some of you may remember) Larry McMurty, author of The Last Picture Show, sold over 300,000 antiquarian books from his store Booked Up at auction. Now, filmmakers Mathew Provost and Sara Ossana of Studio Seven7 Films have started a Kickstarter campaign to help them complete a documentary about McMurty, the auction, and the antiquarian book trade in the US:

The campaign ends August 18th, and as of today they’re some way off their goal, so consider donating a couple of bucks if you want to see the finished film.

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  3. Hi all,

    As you may know, we were unsuccessful at meeting our previous goal of $50,000. Despite not reaching our goal, we still need funding for Books: A Documentary. Our new goal is set at $10,000, which we will use towards the remaining filming costs. All additional funds pledged beyond our new goal will be applied to our post-production costs.

    We would be very grateful if you would consider supporting us. There is also a new video from the auction up on our new campaign page for you to check out.

    You can visit and share our new campaign page here:

    Thank you,
    Mathew & Sara

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