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Inside Random House: “The Art of Cover Design”


Part a series of videos about the workings of Random House, The Art of Cover Design features interviews with an impressive roster of designers: Marysarah Quinn, Robbin Schiff, Chip Kidd, Peter Mendelsund and Christopher Brand…

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  1. Cool video; thanks for posting this!

    An interesting point about the David Rakoff cover that Chip Kidd talks about (the one with the cartoony portrait of a red-haired woman): In a newsletter of upcoming releases I received from Amazon, this book was incorrectly listed as a “graphic novel.” I love the cover, but that mistake goes to show how even a beautiful cover can give a misleading impression, perhaps to the detriment of the book.

  2. The saying “You are not supposed to judge a book by its cover.” should be respected, but the work of Chip Kidd makes it damn hard not to judge it the best way possible! I deeply respect his work and being.

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