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Le Carré | Matt Taylor


Not long ago, I posted Stuart Bache’s wonderfully cinematic John Le Carré covers for Sceptre in the UK. Now (as mentioned earlier today) John Le Carré’s American publisher Penguin have reissued new editions of his books with amazing illustrations by Brighton-based illustrator Matt Taylor and design by Gregg Kulick and Paul Buckley. Mr Buckley art directed series.

Special thanks to Paul Buckley and Andrew Lau at Penguin US for providing the cover images, and to James at Caustic Cover Critic for bringing them to my attention.

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  1. Brilliant, at last. Thanks very much for showing these.

  2. Excellent work. Beautiful cover designs.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.
    I currently have two collections and I think I will be adding a third set – the A Perfect Spy cover is my favourite (if I had to pick).

  4. these are rad. illustrations compliment type and vice versa.

  5. They are really brilliant. I posted Our kind of traitor in my covers blog but I haven’t seen the rest. I will post the in my other blog soon under “favourite series”.
    Many thanks, Dan and congratulations to Matt, Gregg and Paul

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