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  1. His work always amazes me because as a designer he seems to rarely show off his commercial work as of late. Most of the stuff is entirely exploratory and done to fulfill some sort of deep need for simply being creative—almost simply for arts sake. The spider web thing is beautiful.

    James Victore seems to have a similar approach. I know that this playfulness is key to any designers practice and I guess the main question someone like me would have is: Where do you find the time?

    Obviously the end result of such work is to make people think—to contemplate—putting commerce of any sort on the back burner. Something to think about as a designer I guess.

    I know that Rand was often very playful with his work and at times you wondered if he was doing it more for himself or with some deeper client interest in mind, but in the end one thing remains—he left a body of work with few duds to be seen. All of it makes you look, think and see things differently.

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