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From My Desk…


I’ve mention Kate Donnelly’s blog a couple of times here previously, but now you can take a look at my office space on From The Desks Of should you be so inclined.

Other (more interesting) recent contributors to From The Desk Of… include book designers Peter Mendelsund and Coralie Bickford-Smith, and New Yorker critic Alex Ross. I’m honoured to be in their esteemed company.

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  1. What a fun little sneak peek into your work life! I checked out the whole article on Kate’s page and the Raincoast Books site and blog – you seem to live an interesting double blog life.

  2. Dan… you… work on a dell…? I… but…

  3. Wonderful. Lately, I’m beginning to feel like there are too many things falling into the category of “not enough time…will die trying”.

  4. How organised are you?! I’m impressed.

    I feel the need to tidy my own now.

  5. Stuart, I did tidy up (even though I wasn’t supposed to). Normally there are post-it notes everywhere…

  6. Jason, I feel like I’ve disappointed you in some really fundamental way. Sorry man. :-(

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