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On Publishing 8 Faces

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Following on from Craig Mod’s recent essay ‘Kickstartup’  (and to some extent Derek Powazek’s older essay ‘How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half’) designer Elliot Jay Stocks has written an interesting step-by-step post on traditionally publishing the first issue of his typography magazine 8 Faces:

Right now, in an age of print-on-demand for real-world publication and iPads / iPhones / Kindles for virtual publication, it would — on the face of it — seem unwise to launch a magazine like 8 Faces, especially as it’s targeted at such a niche audience. As I said in the introduction of the magazine, “everything about this project shouldn’t work.” But it has, and it’s done so in a bigger way than I ever would’ve imagined. I was confident that there was going to be a demand for the first issue, but I had no idea that it’d sell out in under two hours…

The essay is full of practical insights and 8 Faces is another great example of how people are using the web and traditional print media to publish in new and innovative ways.

(link via Eightface)

How to Publish a Magazine in a Day and a Half

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