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Filthy English — a new cover design by Dan Mogford for Portobello Books.

Hip Flask — An interesting interview with the folks behind 48 Hour Magazine at Gizmodo. There’s some great stuff in the piece, and it’s worth reading from beginning to end, but I particularly liked this insight from Derek Powazek (founder of Fray, co-founder of JPG Magazine, and consultant at MagCloud*):

Print is, at some point, done. However imperfect. It has a rhythm of creation, editing, and publishing. And when it’s done, everyone involved can sit back, look at the thing we made, and feel accomplished.

The web is never done. It’s in a constant state of flux. That’s not good or bad, it just is.

Powazek is also the guy behind Strange Light a print-on-demand magazine that collected photographs of the Australian dust storm that covered New South Wales and Queensland in September last year. He has interesting post about the creation of the magazine on his blog.

No. — A Tumblr that’s apparently devoted to found-type numerals.

The latest Harvard Review cover by Alex Camlin. My interview with Alex is here.

*Does this make anyone else feel slightly inadequate? — I mean, what have you founded, co-founded or consulted on today?

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