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How To Design A Cover in 1:55 Seconds


Lauren Panepinto, Creative Director at Orbit Books, recently posted this entertaining “Making of the Cover Video” for Gail Carriger‘s Blameless (released in the fall) to the Orbit blog:

Over 6 hours of my onscreen compositing, retouching, color correction, type obsessing, all condensed down to a slim sexy one minute 55 seconds of cover design. Trust me, no one wants to watch it in real-time…and even then I left out the not-as-riveting-onscreen stages of my cover design process, such as reading the manuscript, sifting through… photoshoot outtakes, background photo research, etc. And since this is a series look that has already been established… there weren’t the usual batches and rounds of versions of different designs that happen with standalone or first-in-a-new-series covers. That would be a weeklong video!

And if your interested in steampunk but don’t know where to start, you might want to check out Library Journal‘s list of 20 core steampunk titles (which includes Gail Carriger’s Soulless).


There is more on Lauren Panepinto’s work on this series at FaceOut Books.

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  1. Very entertaining! Would love to see a series of these by multiple designers.

  2. Thanks Tal. I would love to see other designers to this too! The process is fascinating…

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