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Dan Mogford’s de Bonos


Earlier this week, London-based graphic designer Dan Mogford kindly alerted me to a series of fresh Edward de Bono covers he designed for the Penguin UK:

At the BPPA book cover panel last night, David Gee was lamenting publishers’ current predilection for blandly neutral Malcolm Gladwell-esque covers for certain kinds of popular nonfiction, and so I’m really glad that Dan (and Penguin) decided to go in the completely opposite direction.  I really like the slab serif (the rather lovely Stag by Christian Schwartz, Dan tells me), bold colours, and light-bulb motif they went with here.

Is it just me or do they have a certain Milton Glaser-like quality?

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  1. these are quite lovely. Very nice solution and end result despite the use of light bulbs which I personally detest. The color palettes are also very contemporary and it could be said that the colors are also very much defining of the trend in color for 2010. Muted brights as i like to call them.

  2. lovely color choices and overall design – except that you could’ve expected more ‘creative’ design for the series. still, nice work.

    btw, i like your blog!

  3. Thanks j. I like your cover for L’etranger by the way.

  4. “Muted brights”: nice. Thanks Ian. :-)

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