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Megan Abbott Noir Covers


For all my love of clean lines and Swiss modernism, I’m also a total sucker for trashy pulp paperback covers and film-noir movie posters, so when I stumbled across these covers illustrated by Richie Fahey for Megan Abbott‘s crime novels, I thought I should post the series:

Meg Abbott interviewed in 3:AM Magazine.

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  1. Oh, these are nice! And I love Fahey’s Bond covers, too.

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  3. Where do you buy poster covers of these? They are very good.

  4. You can buy posters of Richie Fahey’s art here.

  5. The prints above with The Titles on them , can you buy them ?

  6. I honestly don’t know Paul. Her UK publisher is Simon & Schuster, I would suggest contacting them. They may have produced some for publicity and promotion.

  7. They are great. This is the Spanish cover for «Queenpin»

    Published by Es Pop, cover illustration by Fernando Vicente

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