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Something for the Weekend, June 12th, 2009


Jamie Conkleton‘s book cover designs for Gollancz’s Space Opera series, as featured in the D&AD Student Annual 2008. Great stuff. (via designworklife).

Are any other publishers pursuing similar initiatives with student designers to repackage their backlist?

Wordnik — More curious word information than dictionary, Wordnik provides definitions, examples, related words, pronunciation, related images, statistics, and tweets for the word searched.  Neat.

The Curse of Maus — cartoonist Art Spiegelman profiled in The Guardian:

Will he ever escape the shadow of Maus? “It’s even worse than that,” he says, lighting a cigarette. “Most other cartoonists are afraid of the same thing.” He means that every graphic novel is compared to Maus. “As a result, it’s sort of a curse on me and all other cartoonists I know.”

Toothy Uncoated Stock — The chaps at The Book Cover Archive pointed me to the design:related portfolio of Alex Camlin, Creative Director at Da Capo Press. His design’s for the Harvard Review are beautiful.

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  1. The first covers are rather like Phaidon’s art series – was it the same person?

  2. Thanks for your comment Arati. I’m not sure I see the similarity that you’re seeing… But, I don’t think that they are the same person — The Gollancz covers were a student design and I think those Phaidon covers have been around for a while? I could be wrong though…

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