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Something for the Weekend, Jan 23rd, 2009


Big Mouth Strikes Again — The Friday Project’s charming Scott Pack interviewed at North Meadow Media:

people who have dealt with me directly are pleasantly surprised that I am not the complete cunt I am sometimes made out to be. I am a bit of an arse but not quite as bad as my press would suggest.

Books Unbound — author Lev Grossman’s (much linked to) thoughts on the evolution of publishing for Time magazine. Meh.

Unhappily ever afterThe Guardian’s Nick Laird  reviews Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road, and asks is it “too good a novel to make a great film”?:

It is a solid and noble effort that succumbs to what should be a moral of literary adaptation: bad books can make great movies, but a great book hardly ever does. And though you can see what tempted the movie men – that great dialogue! those poignant characters! – with Yates it’s the sentences themselves that are truly panoramic, and no matter what you do, they’re going to get left behind.

That may all be true, but to be honest, the wayward casting in Sam Mendes film adaptation is so catastrophically contrary to the characters in my mind that I can’t bring myself to see it anyway.

BlogTO profile one of Toronto’s best independent bookshops Ben McNally Books. Lovely bloke that Ben McNally . BlogTO have profiles of other Toronto bookstores here.

Toronto gets another new literary festival. I can hardly contain myself.

The message is the subject — Jenny Tondera interviews Dutch designer Wim Crouwel, creator of the ‘New Alphabet’ (pictured above and famously tea-leafed by Peter Saville for the album cover of Joy Division’s Substance), about the Bauhaus for Geotypografika. Jenny also interviews Michael Bierut, Experimental Jetset, Steven Heller, Paula Scher, Ellen Lupton, and Jessica Helfland.

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  1. I do hope the ‘charming’ is tongue-in-cheek. I am sure it is x

  2. lol. I’m just trying to help the online rehabilitation of your reputation Scott! ;-)

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